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 Arthur Kirkland

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Arthur Kirkland
Arthur Kirkland

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Character Name: Arthur T. Kirkland

Age: 16

Arthur Kirkland 14lm1d4
((A sketch for now, might colour at some point.))

Blood: Comes from a long line of Pureblood witches and wizards.

House: Gryffindor

Pet: Arthur owns one cat, a small Scottish fold he found a few years ago roaming the bushes near his family's home that he's taken to calling Sir due to its somewhat arrogant air. (Its full name, as he decided one night after too much firewhiskey snuck in from Hogsmeade, is Sir Mewseph Troublefluff IV, but he'll never admit that to anyone.) Sir is a mischievous cat, and roams the castle as though he owns the place. As a prank, Francis once charmed the cat to have markings above its eyes that look suspiciously like its owner's eyebrows, and Arthur has since given up trying to remove them. Sir likes to climb onto Arthur's shoulders when he's working on reports.

List of Classes:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care of Magical Creatures
Ancient Runes
Muggle Studies

Ghoul Studies
Dueling Club

Sexuality: Gay, but he's so far in the closet he's having tea with Mr. Tumnus. Only a couple of people know it, and he still flirts with girls on occasion to cover it up. If asked, he'll dismiss the question with something vague like “I'm too focused on my studies” or “Haven't thought about it really” or, more commonly, “Quit asking me stupid questions, you git!”

Personality: Although others might think him a bit arrogant, Arthur finds nothing wrong with his dry, sarcastic sense of humour and will use it very often. Most of the teachers know him well enough to realise that he means nothing by it, but that often doesn't include most of the student body. He has a bit of a reputation as the “teachers' pet,” an image that's nothing if not substantiated by his status as Head Boy, though Arthur doesn't exactly do anything to assuage the label. If anything, he exploits it, really. Arthur makes top, or close to top, marks in nearly all his classes (he still can't get the hang of Potions, though... he's lost fourteen cauldrons and several sets of scales over the course of his first five years at Hogwarts.... and counting) and has proven himself quite skilled with a wand and quill alike, but occasionally he'll use his in with the school's staff and the extensive knowledge of the rules that comes with his position as Head Boy to his own advantage and has a tendency to exploit loopholes (for example, there is no rule at Hogwarts that states a student cannot accept liquor as a gift from home or from a teacher..... or a benefactor at Hogsmeade. There is also no rule that states a student cannot smuggle said liquor into his or her common/dorm room for parties.). Naturally, he's occasionally bigheaded and needs a friend to kick him off his high horse. Arthur is also very stubborn, and will often refuse to ask for help even when he really needs it.
He has very few friends; his excuse is that he prefers to focus on his studies but the truth is that most students simply find him difficult to get along with. When first getting to know someone he will address them only by their surname (unless it's a teacher or someone in higher standing, then he will address them accordingly). It's a rare occurrence, but he will begin to call someone by their first name only if he considers them a true friend (or if he's related to them, though that's merely out of formality). To most students who don't know him well, he comes across as a bit of a know-it-all, however those who do know him come to realise soon that he's a very insecure boy who puts up a bit of a front to avoid getting hurt, a habit born from having been bullied and made fun of by his older brothers (his one younger brother escaped this fate because of his accompanying Mr. Kirkland on an expedition to Australia to study the magical creatures there, a fact that Arthur resents him slightly for because he was the one teased instead of Leon). At home and around his family, he's actually quite quiet and withdrawn.

Background: Arthur grew up in an upper-middle-class Wizarding household, the second-youngest of six boys. Because both his parents were pureblood wizards (his father, from the Clan Kirkland and his mother, from the Clan Albion) it was no surprise when Arthur showed his magical nature at the tender age of five years, though he was a late bloomer for his family. Nonetheless, as expected he received his owl on his eleventh birthday stating his acceptance into Hogwarts, and also as expected he was sorted into Gryffindor almost immediately after the sorting hat was placed on his tousled blond head. He was always seen as the “black sheep” of the family, and so almost immediately he threw himself into his studies at Hogwarts, winning the favour of several teachers and managing years later to become Head Boy, a fact he sometimes likes to rub in his older brothers' faces.

Anything Else: Wand is eleven and three-eighths inches long, made of Pine and Dragon Heartstring, slightly yielding. Patronus is a lion. Don't ask what the “T” in his name stands for if you don't want to find yourself stuck fast to an unruly broomstick and set loose above the black lake.
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Arthur Kirkland
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