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 The Rules of the Realm

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PostSubject: The Rules of the Realm   Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:14 am

There is no god-modding or power playing. Keep the fight realistic to the strengths and weaknesses of each of the characters involved. If you're in a fight, make it fair, unless the other person would not mind you winning. Keep weaponry realistic to the realm, as well as injuries you might sustain. This is an especially important rule in this type of AU!

Any plot points that involve a very specific event happening to a character/group of characters (e.g. Brotherhood attacks NYC) should be discussed with the individual player, or in the Plot Central board for all to give input. Again, this is important in this heavily plot-centric AU!

For those with mutation powers (e.g. changing gender), you will need to PM those you are RPing with to make sure the change is okay. Please be respectful of everyone; not everyone will be okay with change, but at the same time please try to keep things fair. (For example, if you don't want to change gender, then you don't have to. But that shouldn't make you immune to someone stealing your powers, immune to telepathy, immune to empathy...etc.)

All major announcements by the Government (e.g. news from the city) will be posted as plot twists in the Plot Central board. Pay close attention to this board to keep up with the timeline of this AU.

A list of your relationships, pairs, friendships, enemies, etc., can be posted in the Plot Central area, so that everyone else can quickly view where you stand in the AU.

A timeline of main plot points or important points will be posted in the Plot Central portion of the board. If you have an event that is not listed, post in the appropriate thread and one of the Admins will add it to the main post.

You may switch sides! In other words, it might be to your advantage or for plot purposes to change sides...or to join one. Please make sure to post in the appropriate lists, or PM an Admin to have the lists and timeline updated.


If you have anything plot-wise that would affect the entire compound, or a significant number of people (e.g. a bomb), you will need to discuss it with everyone, but most importantly with the leader of the organization. A list of members and leaders will be posted in the Brotherhood HQ and updated.


No RPer can have the same main ability as another (e.g. two people cannot control ice).

A detailed list of the powers already claimed in this AU can be found: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Please try to be creative! If you see that someone has already taken a power (e.g. ice manipulation) please try and think of something else for your character (e.g. controlling weather; you would have some control of ice, and you may control it in a different manner). The possibilities are endless, and if you are truly stumped, why not ask your fellow RPers for some suggestions~ The more detail you put into how your powers work, the more distinguished your powers will be from your fellow RPers~

If you know the X-men universe, you can choose a character and take their powers.... but only if someone else has not taken them, and you cannot be an exact copy of the X-men character and their backstory.

If you have an idea about a power and you are unsure if it is close to someone elses power please discuss it with the person over PM to avoid overlapping in abilities. If the two of you are having difficulties, PM an Admin to have your profiles reviewed and a final say.

List of Powers that are general powers that can be taken by anyone.

Possibilities for powers are practically limitless, in that sometimes, a subtle difference can make it different enough from another character to be acceptable. Below, the admins have come up with a list of some general powers and examples of differences that can make them unique from another player's powers. These are not the only ones in existence, and if you are not sure you may PM an admin for a review of your profile.

- Flying - methods can differ, such as wings, manipulation of wind, etc.

- Strength - this can apply to being impervious to things (e.g. being made of stone, which might give you strength to endure against a range of physically heavy objects). It could also refer to physical strength, such as being able to lift ten cars. However, once someone claims one type of strength (e.g. physical, impervious to things, etc), the next person to choose a strength must significantly differ from the first (e.g. Player A chooses physical strength, Player B chooses to be impervious to many things by turning metal/gaining strength through now metallic limbs)

- Mutation - specifications to HOW you mutate will determine the differences for the powers. For example, mutation can occur on a self transformation level (e.g. turning into the Hulk, changing into different animals, changing the shape of your ears, etc.), but also someone else may have the ability to mutate someone else physically (e.g. changing gender, growing an extra limb, etc.).

Sometimes, a player will choose to be able to do both (e.g. ability to change his/her gender AND the gender of another person). To prevent god-modding, you will need to ask the other player's permission in order for the transformation to be successful. Again, keep things realistic and respect the other player's wishes.

- Weapons - The term 'weapons' is a loose manner of referring to your choice in combat method, or your 'go to' in combat, not necessarily the only thing your power is capable of. 'Weapons' can refer to illusions, magic, tangible and intangible objects, mechanical or technological, steel or any metal, etc. In short, it can apply to almost anything. However, the other aspect of your power (read, how you create your weapon) must be different.

The end result, that is, the creation that someone makes (e.g. a sword, hammer, giant tank, etc.) might be the same as someone else, but it must NOT be the same in structure or method of creation (e.g. using energy to create a sword, touching a 2-D photograph and bringing it into 3-D, etc.) , therefore making it impossible for someone else to replicate your powers).

- Kinesis - Mutants with these powers will usually be in control of a specific kinesls, that is, they will control the movement of very specific elements (e.g. telekinesis is moving objects with the mind). You cannot have the same kinesis powers as another player (e.g. two people being telekinetic), but you may possess kinetic abilities (e.g. Player A solely moves sand, while Player B moves stones).

- Pathy - Mutants with these powers will usually be able to use their minds/concentration to communicate with, or stimulate a specific portion of the human brain. Pathy powers (e.g. telepathy, empathy, etc.) are similar in nature to kinesis. No two mutants can possess the same 'pathy' powers (e.g. two people being able to control emotions), but it is possible for many RPers to have pathy powers.

- Enhanced Senses - The method by which the enhancement occurs will determine whether two mutants are able to possess this ability or not. Some enhanced senses occur due to mutation (e.g. someone can turn into other animals, whose senses are more or less than when they are in human form). Enhanced senses may also come from a mutant's affinity with an element (e.g. plant mutants can distinguish specific types of plants among many). Again, the more specific you are in your description about how your power differs from others' powers, the more unique your power will be.

A few helpful links and descriptions to powers.

If you are unsure on what powers to use or are having trouble picking one here is a helpful link to the most common powers in the Marvel verse and other works of fiction.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The following link is how the creators of the Marvel universe explain powers scientifically as various sources of powers.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

The Admins reserve the right to edit these rules if they feel they need further clarification or if more distinctions between general powers are needed.
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The Rules of the Realm
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