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 Misc. RP Rules

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PostSubject: Misc. RP Rules   Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:08 am

RPs that take place here do not affect the main plots. This is a good place to do random RPs you might want to do that you can't do elsewhere/in the main plots, or a good place to test out a profile you might have in mind. Again, the rules of the forum apply here, as well as a few more.

1. How you choose to RP (script, lit, etc.) is up to the people RPing.

2. Mark all RPs as Open or with the participants allowed. Mark any R18+ material as well!

3. Please specify the setting of your RP (e.g. a world meeting) in your first post in OOC comments.

4. You must be active in the main plots before posting here! This is for fun and experimenting, but if you aren't active in the main plots you will be reminded to go and reply to those posts first.

5. If you want to request a RP of someone for this board, please PM them to ask.

The admins reserve the right to modify these rules at any time they see fit to add a new rule. This board is relatively new for us, and we'd like to see how it goes.
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Misc. RP Rules
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