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 Arthur Kirkland

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Arthur Kirkland
Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland   Arthur Kirkland I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2012 1:46 am

Character Name: Arthur Kirkland

Age: 32

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Customer or Club Employee?: Owner and proprietor of the Thorny Rose

Sexuality: Gay. Really, really gay. That shouldn't concern you, now should it? Get back to work!

Personality: While usually stoic and seemingly hard to get along with, Arthur Kirkland does enjoy his work and the people he employs. Always the gentleman, he makes every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of both his guests and his staff; even if he doesn't appear to care for his employees emotionally, he always has their best interests at heart and will often help them indirectly. This does not, however, mean he is a softie, and if pressed to such he will not hesitate to deliver consequence.
Arthur is a man of simple tastes, often preferring a good book and a hot cup of tea to the din of the city when not working, and enjoys tending to his window boxes (he misses his family's garden back in Bristol, so the window boxes are the closest he can get). He likes people when they're not being self-absorbed gits, but he doesn't appear social only because his seemingly closed-off personality makes it a little difficult for people to get to know him. If they do manage to break through that, however, Arthur proves a loyal and caring friend.

Background: Arthur grew up in a middle-class family and led a relatively boring but fairly happy life, up to and including his college days, where he somehow balanced bartending for tuition money with his double major in Botany and English Lit along with the occasional party. It was only after he'd graduated, somewhat-useless degrees in hand with no job requests yet, that he was thrown suddenly into business. An uncle he barely knew had passed away, and Arthur, not having expected to receive anything in his will, was surprised to be bequeathed his late uncle's pub in Soho. Arthur didn't know the first thing about running any kind of business; he'd graduated college with the hope of landing some unobtrusive office or laboratory or gardening job that'd let him lead a normal life. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, the young man set out to see the pub he'd been left.

The dingy place his uncle had left him was in an absolute shambles. Arthur cleaned it up as much as he could, so at least the cobwebs that previously curtained every dim corner were gone and the warped veneer on the tables shone with oil soap and elbow grease. But the faded wallpaper was peeling and the bar scratched beyond repair. What had made Arthur angriest was that in his will his uncle had stipulated that he couldn't sell the place, something about it being in the family for generations or some shite like that. It certainly looked like it'd been around for generations. God only knew how long the place had been closed; it took enough effort for the 25-year-old to fix up the apartments on the upper level, and another thing he didn't know the first thing about was how the bloody hell the inside of a bar was supposed to look, particularly a modern one. When he'd worked at the bar in Birmingham the last thing he'd paid attention to had been the d├ęcor. His uncle had decked this place out in some sort of tavern theme, which may have worked for it had the year been 1843, but it was 2005 and people wanted a club, not just a bar.

Besides, he had to make the thing lucrative somehow.

After a bit of pub crawling market research, Arthur came up with the brilliant idea of making the place into a more adult-themed venue. Soho had once been (in)famous for its strip clubs; what was one more? Its location in the heart of the village was ideal for such a place. Arthur slogged through the bit of red tape necessary and within a few months he'd fixed up his uncle's shabby old pub into The Thorny Rose, a high-end adult club that could cater to its guests' most exotic tastes.

The club was an almost overnight success. Though most would not have expected such a young man to be successful in business, Arthur proved to have a knack for it, and for the most part enjoyed it. His study in botany hasn't gone to waste, either; the Rose lives up to its name by boasting tasteful floral displays in the lounge and VIP areas, and the window boxes on the upper floor are never without a touch of colour.

Things you are willing to do: Please PM with questions. I'm comfortable with most things, but it's always best to ask~

Things you will not do: Non-con, shota, guro are the biggies. Again, please PM me with any questions.
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Kiku Honda
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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland   Arthur Kirkland I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2012 11:32 am

Mmh...*admires from afar*
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Arthur Kirkland
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