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 Master Alliance List

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PostSubject: Master Alliance List   Tue May 07, 2013 12:06 am

This thread's purpose is to allow for everyone to see the alliances in the AU, as well as how many of each. Any mutant with a given code name will be listed by said name, followed by their character name in parenthesis (EXAMPLE: The Dragon (Yao)). Extra information will be in square brackets following. (EXAMPLE: [Brotherhood Leader]) This will be updated as events change. If anything needs corrected, feel free to post here.


- The Dragon (Yao) [Brotherhood Leader]
- Kaleidoscope (Yekaterina) [neutral Brotherhood member]
- Piper (Dylan)
- Sprout (Antonio)
- Trickster Loki (Lukas)

- Alfred
- Arthur
- Crow (Leon)
- Emil
- Francis
- Kiku
- Lili
- Lovino
- Matthew
- Velocito (Feliciano)

Gorgon (Natalia) [Works for an international law enforcement organization]
Tino [Human journalist]
Vladimir [living alone, to live his way]
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Master Alliance List
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