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 Vladimir Popescu (Romania)

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Vladimir Popescu

Vladimir Popescu

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PostSubject: Vladimir Popescu (Romania)   Vladimir Popescu (Romania) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 1:31 am

Vladimir Popescu (Romania) Romani10

Human Name: Vladimir Popescu

Country's Name: Romania

Personality Section:

Vladimir has been derided by some as something a hedonist, a maniac, even a sadist. At his core, he is anything but. In truth, he’s just a cheerful, even a little theatrical oddball with a deeply rooted fascination with the occult, black magic and the folklore of his people. However, he is as mischievous as they come and enjoys a little prank or scare here and there, never with malicious intent, though. For Vladimir, it’s only about the fun, although due to his alienating personality and inability to recognise when he has gone too far, he’s usually the only one laughing once all is said and done.

Besides his obvious love for the dark arts, Vladimir is something of a hopeless romantic. Having been obsessed with fairy tales since a very young age, he is known to dream each night about Ileana Cosânzeana, the embodiment of feminine beauty in Romanian folklore. He hopes that he’ll discover her one day, but for the time being is content to woo those around him. Unfortunately, due to his eccentric persona, he is typically un successful in these endeavours.

Ultimately, though, Vladimir has never been one to care about how others might view or perceive him. He openly embraces his rather morbid, national history and is never afraid to share it with others no matter how disturbed they might be the content. This is mostly why he prefers staying within his own boarders, although he is never hesitant to visit his comrades to share his own special brand of fun with the rest of the world, because to him it didn’t seem fair to have anyone feeling left out.

Roleplay Sample:

Vladimir’s eyes fluttered open, squinting a little as the sun crept over the horizon. He shielded his eyes and let out a violent hiss at the light. He quickly stopped and giggled to himself, knowing exactly what time it was for. “The grand unveiling.... it's here... it's finally here,” he grinned eagerly, perhaps a little too eager considering the situation. Vladimir peeled himself off of the pillar he had fallen asleep against much earlier that morning. He twisted himself around, looked up, then placed his hands on his hips as he admired the effort he and his boss had put into what called Vladimir liked to call, “the magnum opus.”

He clasped his hands together, and rubbed them together excitedly. He then placed them behind his back and skipped gracefully to the edge of the forest, not wanting to miss the faces of the soon to be arriving enemy. Vladimir breathed in the crisp, chilly air as he went. The sensation made his chipped tooth tingle and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He had finally reached the only vacant post in the forest and began his ascent.

Vladimir scampered up the pillar and positioned himself like a stork, standing on one leg and covering his eyes with his left hand in attempt to make out the panorama a bit better. “And not a creature was stirring...” Vladimir raised an eyebrow, then shrugged.  The enemy wasn’t expected to arrive for quite some time. He quickly ran a hand through his hair and adjusted his hat. It all had to look perfect, or else the pay off wouldn’t feel quite so sweet. Finally though, over the hills, the masses had arrived.

Vladimir felt a twinkle in his eye. The audience he’d always wanted, the reactions were going to be glorious. He balanced himself perfectly on his right big toe whilst making grandiose gestures, “COME ONE, COME ALL!!! FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! STANDING 30 FEET TALL!!! 20, 000 MEN IN THE MAKING!!! AND TO ALL OF THOSE NAYSAYERS WHO SAID “YOU COULDN’T DO IT”,  I HUMBLY PRESENT TO YOU: THE FOREST OF IMPALEMENT!!!!!!”

Vladimir began to cackle, only to realise that most of the men hadn’t bothered to stick around for his colourful introduction. In fact, most had head for the hills right before he even began speaking. Vladimir leapt down from the post, folded his arms and sighed. He looked at the frosty ground and smiled to himself, “Everyone’s a critic... The presentation was flawless, the execution was inspired and the screams, oh it was like a... like a symphony of screams.... an orchestra of terror!” The more he thought about it, the more triumphant the whole ordeal seemed to him.

Vladimir hugged himself with glee, and turned back one last time to face the macabre image his boss had constructed. “Gentlemen, you’ve done more than enough today. Please, go home and rest easy. You were a real show stopper.” He waited for them to leave, blissfully of the fact that they couldn’t. “Suit yourself,” Vladimir shrugged as he skipped away, hoping to be reunited once more with the man that taught him about real fear. Boy, the stories he had to tell.

Anything Else?: Cup of tea.... An awesome garden.... I couldn’t ask for much more than that.... except for maybe a lair.... with candles... the scented kind...
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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir Popescu (Romania)   Vladimir Popescu (Romania) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 9:37 pm

*bows* It is with great pleasure that I humbly accept you to HUE! Your personality section made me smile, and naturally I adored your RP sample!

(I suspect you know what to do, but if you have any questions you know you can always ask) CONGRATS AND WELCOME TO HUE~! <3
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Vladimir Popescu (Romania)
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