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 Vladimir Popescu

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Vladimir Popescu

Vladimir Popescu

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PostSubject: Vladimir Popescu   Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:33 pm

Name: Vlad Popescu (personally prefers the nickname, “Dr. V”)

Age: 24

Appearance: Because of the dim lighting and closed blinds in his office, most are unable to make out quite how he looks through the shadows. What they are able to see, is a pair of dentist, magnifying glasses gleaming from the occasional rays of sunlight in the room that creep into the room. Other notable features are his blood red eyes, snow white teeth and his distinctly tall height, making tower over most his patients. Typically, he is never seen out of uniform, a white, long coat and sanitary gloves.

During his nightly escapades, Vlad is clad in all black clothes consisting of track pants, combat boots, leather gloves, a turtles neck, a balaclava and night vision goggles.

Species: Human

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: In a constant state of cheer and never seen without a smile, Vlad always strives to keep a warm and homely atmosphere whenever he’s around company. However, due to being constantly locked up in doors, he tends to be a little too touchy-feely with his customers and associates, but definitely tries to make the effort to restrain.

Due to a childhood of both isolation and ostracisation, Vlad developed a strong sense of sympathy towards anyone who has ever felt truly alone in the world, or discriminated against. He does however have no tolerance what so ever for bigotry and is quite vocal about his opinions when asked. Creepy while it may seem though, no matter what mood he’s in, he never stops smiling.

While he has more under control now, Vlad suffers from a debilitating birth defect, prompting to usually be chewing on something, usually gum or tooth picks. He was a nail biter for quite sometime, but has broken this habit as of late.

Background: Vlad was raised by a single father suffering from a rare form of albinism that leaves him hyper sensitive to burns on the skin and eyes from sun light. His dad, a kindly oral surgeon, raised to him to the best of his ability enrolling him one of the most prestigious school’s in the area. Unfortunately, Vlad was beaten and abused by his peers (one time being beaten so badly one of his canines was chipped giving it a fang like appearance).

To make matters worse, being raised without a mother in the house force Vlad’s dad to improvise with whatever tools he had to help the child teeth, leaving his son with a debilitating oral fixation. The children at school made quick notice of this, the bright white skin and red eyes and began spreading rumours of the child being a vampire. Vlad’s father fought the school on the grounds of harassment, but lost the case in the end.

In the end, Vlad was home schooled by his father, who tried his hardest to shelter him from the outside. Literally at that point, as it would turn, he had inherited the same albino genes as his father, forcing him to the live rest of his days out of the light. As his father’s health deteriorated due to skin cancer, Vlad tried to make his final years happy ones, putting on a brave face and assisting his dad in his work. Once he passed, Vlad was the only one in attendance at the funeral, which of course had to be held in complete darkness, in the basement of their home/office.

Vlad carried on his father’s work, but after reviewing his life up until that point and what his father tried to do, approached the oral surgery business from a new angle. Now, having taken the free time to study ocular surgery and vampire lore, vowed to create a business that provided “camouflage” for all vampires who have come under scrutiny for. This process, involves Vlad creating a mold of the customer’s mouth and creating a pair of human equivocal dentures to wear over top, as for the eyes, it’s just a matter of creating proper contacts that suit each subjects needs. He is currently working on providing new identities for these individuals to help them blend in.

The income for this type of establishment, however, is very much like a roller coaster. Sometimes business is booming, sometimes it feels like bankruptcy is around the corner. Taking note of this, Vlad has chosen to kill two birds with one stone by both helping the vampires that he sees as under attack by day and to channel his pure, unrelenting hatred of the bigots his community into a nightly project that follows specific yet easy to follow guidelines:

-first, research the highest blood type currently in demand
-second, find a local bigot with matching blood type
-third, cautiosuly seek them out and take them back to office
-fourth, bleed out subject over extended period of time to conserve
-fifth and finally, sell to any one willing to buy

While not particularly proud of hid own actions, Vlad is completely willing to do what it takes to pay back the debt to his father by maintaining the family business till the day he dies. Legally, none of his actions have been detected just yet, but he is weary that this could become a factor at any time. As shown before, he isn’t above using violence to keep things up and running, no matter the cost.

(This might be edited a bit later on, but I’m sticking with this for the time being. :3)
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Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir Popescu   Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:10 pm

DON'T YOU DARE EDIT THIS YOU COME HERE AND LET ME HUG YOU RIGHT NOW *does so anyway* Oh gosh...you...we...RP...*babbles incoherently* SO MANY RPs AND IDEAS FOR YOU OHMYGOSH

(Now if only life would not be so cruel and give me the time to not only properly plot with both you and your Emil muse, but then to actually keep the RPs rolling x.x)
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Vladimir Popescu

Vladimir Popescu

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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir Popescu   Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:31 am

Thanks, Kiku. XD I can't wait to start things up with Vlad in this AU. Considering Kiku's condition in this universe, it'd be great if the too could meet at some point.

(Not a problem, Kiku, I say we take a day to just plot things out for the long term and then put them into action as soon as possible. Very Happy)
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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir Popescu   

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Vladimir Popescu
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