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 Heracles Karpusi

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Heracles Karpusi

Heracles Karpusi

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PostSubject: Heracles Karpusi   Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:33 am

Name: Heracles Karpusi

Age: approximate age is 2,000 years, but appears to be 24

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Species: Vampire

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Heracles has a serious personality, but acts laid back and carefree. He keeps his distance from others, knowing that vampires are not really welcomed in some parts, and also due to being tricked in his past, so it is difficult for him to trust others. Most of the time he tries to hide his vampirism and acts 'more human'.  He does not drink blood as much as most vampires do, since he does not fully embrace his vampirism seeing it as a curse, but he does make sure he has a few cats with him for when he does need the blood. Heracles is a trained fighter, especially with swords, but he doesn't really like fighting, but if he has to fight he will fight to the death.

Background: About 2000 years ago, Heracles was a child living happily with his mother and older brother. Until one night when a stranger came and killed his mother and older brother. The murder kept Heracles alive and took him as his prisoner. Heracles grew up as a slave and vowed to get revenge for his family. As a teen, Heracles tried to get revenge but was not strong enough to kill his captor. Once night, Heracles met a traveler who promised him to give him the strength and freedom he desired. Heracles made a deal with the mysterious traveler. The traveler revealed himself to be a vampire and turned Heracles. Controlled by blood lust, Heracles went up to his captor and drained him dry. After gaining his freedom, he became a slave of his creator. Under the Vampire's rule, Heracles learned of the monster he had become.

After a century of being under his creator's control, Heracles revolted and left, tired of being a slave, and being forced to be the monster he never wanted to be turned into. Every since then, he has been a traveler, constantly moving from place to place, only staying in one place for a few years at the most before moving on, still running away from his creator's hold searching for the freedom he has desired, before he was cursed.
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Heracles Karpusi
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