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 Keeks Little Updates

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Keeks Little Updates Empty
PostSubject: Keeks Little Updates   Keeks Little Updates I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 28, 2013 2:21 am

*falls in*

I have been ridiculously busy with school and work, and so my posts have been...well, nearly nothing *sobs*

But still, I feel the need to update things. I thank everyone who responded to our last Activity Check with your feedback. The only way that we can improve the RPs, the forum, and everything is with your words of wisdom! *hugs all*

I will admit that my time will not be much better for awhile...but I will do my absolute best to make updates whenever I can. Since I have a bit of time this evening, I decided to try to take care of a few minor things ^^'

1. The Master Alliance List in X-Verse is updated. If you have recently made a character profile, feel free to check the list to make sure I have placed you appropriately!

2. I have started to update and edit the List of Taken Powers (I may or may not finish it tonight, so I say 'started' in order to be safe. I'll also be working on posts at the same time).

3. I'm beginning to compile a list of focuses for the future of HUE, taken from the suggestions you guys made during the last Activity Check!

IN THE MEANTIME...if you guys think of anything else you'd like to see, or think of things you'd like to discuss, feel free to post here! Questions of course are always welcome!

*dashes off to be productive*
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Keeks Little Updates
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