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 Lovino Vargas

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Lovino Vargas


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PostSubject: Lovino Vargas   Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:16 am

Character Name: Lovino 'Romano' Vargas

Age: 19

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Position aboard the ship: Currently not part of any crew/ship. He is a nobleman's son who resides with the Vargas family in the Port

Sexuality: Bi-curious, though in public will only show interest in women

Because of his background, Lovino has grown up quite spoiled – and much of his former lifestyle shows in his personality. He’s picky about his food, prone to complaining about eating something if it hasn’t been made well, doesn’t have fresh ingredients or simply tastes bad. He’ll clean and cook, but isn’t the best at doing either and prefers not to cook or clean if he can help it.

Feliciano and Lovino don’t always get along, helped in part by the fact that he is pushed more to succeed in trade and general academia than his brother. He does his best, however, to take care of Feliciano, knowing that the difference in attitude his father shows them isn’t really something his brother can control. Being the older sibling and heir to the business, he does what he can to help with the trading business and has been made to figure out how to balance finances, although he particularly interested in ship design. He quite enjoys being out on the port and likes the sea.

In general, Lovino isn’t the most pleasant person to be around. Towards anyone but his father or a pretty girl (his father out of respect, a pretty girl simply because of his upbringing - though he's never been had any serious intentions when he's put on the charm for one), he’s short-tempered, crude, prideful and simply cops an attitude. He’s hard-working when he wants to be, but for the most part can be considered quite lazy. He also can become frightened quite easily, and is a fighter beneath his bravado only when he thinks he might have a chance of winning or can successfully intimidate someone - which with his slender build isn't often.

He likes the idea of someday being able to sail a ship. However, he's wary about the idea of getting on one anytime soon given that not only has he heard awful stories about pirates, he also can't swim and knows ships sink all the time.

Lovino grew up the first son of a former nobleman, lavished in all the niceties that came with the position. When he was younger, anything he wanted was granted to him and he had a happy childhood. However, when he got older, out of being the heir to the family business he was made to work with his father to trade and learn from tutors things that would enable him to be more productive - such as mathematics, history, geography, language and etiquette - as soon as he was able to. Although he proved to have the same lack of talent for such things, in contrast to his brother he was only pushed to work harder until he better understood them. Though this difference didn’t sit well with him, he tried his best to do what he could for the family and be a good example to his younger brother.

Soon after his mother died, Lovino’s father began to take him and his brother out on trips to the port, where they both had the opportunity to put their studies into practice. However, once again while he was made to stick close to his father, his brother was allowed to wander off, explore and shop. Even to this day this is something that irks him, although he sticks by his father to avoid the man’s ire.
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Lovino Vargas
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