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 Lovino Vargas

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Lovino Vargas

Lovino Vargas

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Character Name: Lovino Vargas (though goes by Romano with anyone who cares to ask)

Age: 23

Lovino, although not the richest man in the club, always makes sure he is well-dressed whenever he goes out. When he goes to the club, he dresses quite formally in a suit and tie. In addition to this, Lovino stands at about 5'7", sporting dark brown hair and olive-green eyes.

Customer or Club Employee?: Customer

If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?: Keeping an eye on a certain little brother, and occasionally doing less-than-legal dealings with other customers Not an employee

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Lovino is person who does not generally have a lot of patience with people. He is rude, swears without hesitation, but is good at getting the job done. However, he can also be quite charming and suave, particularly when it comes to dealing with a woman. He doesn't give much thought towards the idea of sex, and doesn't really want to ever fall in love as well as doesnt think he will ever recieve love in the romantic sense. What escapades he has had have been strictly one night stands - for both the reason stated above and out of the thought that it would be too dangerous to form a true relationship with someone because of his work. Deep down, he thinks a relationship would only cause him pain in the end. In addition to this, he won't have sex with anyone unwilling, or have sex with anyone that doesn't suit his tastes. After all, he's usually there for more than being able to pick up a bed-partner.

Lovino is also fiercely protective of his brother, wanting nothing more than to see Feliciano safe and happy. Even though he knows what he does for a living isn't necessarily the best way to make sure of this, he feels comfortable in knowing it's something that he can do for his brother, and does his best not to let Feliciano worry too much about him. As much as he doesn't like to admit it, beneath his masks he's a bit sensitive. He doesn't really like his work, but thinks it necessary and no longer really knows how to get himself away from it anymore anyways. For the most part, he's a coward in a fight and hates the thought of shooting someone, but he knows how to defend himself if necessary, his work forcing him to learn. His 'learning' how to do his job, however, has resulted in a fair amount of side-effects, though this is one of a few secrets he guards closely, particularly from Feliciano.

Like his brother, in his spare time he enjoys the ability to make himself a good meal and is rather picky when it comes to what he puts into his mouth.


Lovino’s life started out well enough, growing up raised by a pair of loving parents in Italy, who provided him and his brother with anything the two of them could ever want. One night at the tender age of six, however, both his mother and father were driving home but never made it back. The two brothers were argued heavily over by their family afterwards, and eventually it was decided that their grandfather –who’d flown over from England and been looking after them since their parents’ deaths – would take the boys back home with him to London. Lovino no longer remembers the chain of events as clearly as he used to, but knows that growing up that he became quite emotionally distant as well as temperamental, something which didn’t result in many friends.

When Lovino was 18, the brothers’ ailing grandfather died. Not wanting to be left completely alone, but unable to support his brother as much as he wanted to, Lovino worked hard to ensure Feliciano could be happy and get to do what he wanted in life while setting aside any aspirations of his own. It quickly became apparent, though, that the money he earned at his current job wasn’t enough. When his brother offered to join the military a year later, the idea was quickly shot down. However, with his family threatening to take his brother back, Lovino knew he had to do something to better be able support the both of them, and soon.

Thus, he started what he now refers to simply as “his work”. In exchange for making deals for the mafia, he receives enough money to both support himself as well as his brother when needed. However, the world he’d joined was one he thought he’d been able to get quickly in and out of, as well as one where he wouldn’t have to do much aside from talk - this was not quite the case. Lovino quickly discovered how it would be a very, very long time before he'd be getting out of the business.

Currently, his job is to make deals with others in The Thorny Rose for his bosses within the mafia. His real name is on his ID card, but otherwise he uses the name Romano to protect both himself and his brother, in case someone decides to look up the name Vargas and use it against them. While he is at the club, Lovino also tries to keep a watchful eye on his brother, employing the help of Kaze to watch Feliciano on the off-chance he can't be around to protect his brother himself.

Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc): Will do just about anything! Feel free to ask if you're unsure about something!

Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc): Shota, non-con, hardcore BDSM, kinks related to feces or urine
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Lovino Vargas
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