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 Francis Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: Francis Bonnefoy   Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:45 am

Character Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Age: 35 (though he would claim to be 26 to anyone who asked)


Customer or Club Employee?: Customer - though he would love to be an employee if he had the time.

If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?: Professional gawker and kiss-blower

Sexuality: Pansexual and polyamorous

Personality: Despite his flirtatious and flamboyant personality, Francis is more than just a charming playboy. He enjoys company of any kind, whether it be friendly or sexual, often chatting up the Thorny Rose’s employees, taking pleasure in their personalities as much as their looks. His bluntness about the establishment itself often freaks out other customers – he’s very vocal about the scandalousness of attending the club. However, his charm manages to soothe any nerves he manages to rile up, and often ends up leaving the club to spend a night with one of its customers rather than its employees.

He keeps himself well-groomed at all times, believing one’s success should start with one’s appearance. In fact, he’s quite fond of his body in general – perhaps a little too fond. His tastes are more than refined, having grown up in a very snobby environment. However, he does find the plights of the poor rather entertaining in an unknowingly patronizing way. He’s easy to get along with if you’ll allow him to do as he pleases, yet as soon as things don’t go his way his temper often takes a turn for the worse. (This does not include sexual advances – Francis is perfectly fine if someone does not respond to his advances favorably…as long as they’re friendly otherwise.)

Background: Francis was born into an upper-class family, and quickly learned that he would be spoiled all his life. As he grew up, his body filled out nicely, and he soon landed a job as a model in Paris, where he would remain for the next few years. As he branched out into nudes, however, his family began to involve themselves a little too much in his career, insisting the pornography would cause a scandal for the family. Feeling suffocated, he escaped as far as his family would allow him to go – across the English channel, into London.

There he had to begin anew, choosing a small part-time job as a waiter at a small café. It was the first time in his life he’d had to do hands-on labor – and boy, did he love it. Suddenly he was interacting with people he would never have given a second glance to, expanding his social circles and becoming more and more aware of the world. Men and women alike found his French accent and broken English charming, and he soon found himself catering to customers’ needs both by day and night. The sheltered boy became an adventurous man: it wasn’t long before it was no longer the customers doing the courting, and Francis Bonnefoy the playboy was born.

However, one man seemed invulnerable to his charms. From the minute Arthur Kirkland walked into the café to the second he left without leaving a tip, he resisted every one of Francis’ playful advances. The stuffy businessman has no time for French games and, although Francis first resented the man’s frigid demeanor, he quickly gave up – assuming Mr. Kirkland was one of those stuck-up virgin types.

That is, until he discovered the Thorny Rose.

He’d been attracted to the club’s rustic yet elegant appearance, its bright sign (which contrasted the rest of the building) peeking his curiosity and leading him inside. He was pleasantly surprised with what awaited him.

Until he found out the very man running such an erotic establishment was the same patron who he’d thought too upright to want to get his hands dirty with the likes of Francis.

He now frequents the bar on a regular basis, thoroughly enjoying the company of its workers (of whom he knows each by name) while secretly pursuing his own motives – to find out what’s going on in the head of the big boss…and perhaps find his way into his pants.

Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc): Everything and anything.

Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc): I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t be okay with – if you’re unsure PM me. Or just go ahead and try it and I’ll PM you if I’m uncomfortable.
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PostSubject: Re: Francis Bonnefoy   Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:35 pm

*steals away for RPing/jealous boss-making epicness* ^_^
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Francis Bonnefoy
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